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Issue Four

Issue four and four favorites. Thats amazing. Thanks guys...Its one thing to make a comic, that you throw up and your unsure anyone ever really sees it, but with favorites though I feel some responsibility not to let you down...

To be absolutely honest I am still feeling out the landscape creatively. The story itself is solid...but traditional comic art standards (such as 10x15 page size) are out, and I don't think webcomics have developed a parallel yet. So now creators like me (and probably you) are mapping them out.

Currently I am working on two strips at a time (because they are on one page...) They range from 3.5" to 4" in height. I can do that in a reasonable amount of time and it covers me for two days...and it fits on my scanner.

Its hard to write this type of story in what is essentially a newspaper comic strip format. I am attempting to give you a little reward, when a humorous strip would give you a punchline. It is my hope that it satisfies and drives the story forward.

Thank you for reading Hard Space

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